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  • Accent Your Manalapan Home With Stone or Stucco

Not all home owners have the same taste!  Many opt to break up vinyl or fiber cement siding, which can be a bit plain at times, and go for a unique style.  Accenting the exterior of NJ home with stone or stucco can transform your average home to one with outstanding curb appeal.  This is very common in aging communities where many of the homes look alike.  Schaefer Home Remodeling will be able to provide you with various ideas on ways your can accent your homes exterior.

Vinyl and fiber cement siding continue to be the materials of choice when performing home renovations in New Jersey but there are a few reasons why accenting your NJ home with stone, brick, or stucco makes sense:

  1. Curb Appeal – Enhance your homes curb appeal and make it stand out with stone veneer or stucco.  A little stone around your front door will go a long way.
  2. Cost – Stone and brick can be very costly, many times home owners are unable to afford using these materials on the entire home.  Schaefer Remodeling will be able to design your home so that you can have the stone look at an affordable price by installing stone or brick accents.
  3. Value – Stone and brick will increase the value of your home, even if they are just accenting your fiber cement or traditional vinyl siding.

To learn more about accenting your vinyl and fiber cement siding with stone call Schaefer Home Remodeling, (732) 955-7900, or request an estimate today.