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So you have decided it is time to renovate your home.  Perhaps you will be installing a new kitchen, updating your home’s entire interior or exterior.  Over the years many large retailers and video tutorials have assisted homeowners by guiding them when it comes to home improvement projects but homeowners beware as there is usually more involved then purchasing some tools and starting to work.  Most municipalities require permits be taken out based on the type of work you will be doing.

If you intend to hire a contractor to do the work from, demolition to finishing work, they will typically guide you as to what permits are required, and in many cases they will pull the permits for you.  However, it is quite common for cost conscious homeowners to try and tackle some of the “grunt” work like tearing out walls, pulling up floors, or other demolition type projects.  If you are one of those who don’t mind getting dirty and you intend to do some demo work on your own that is great, but you may want to check with your town to see what type of permits are required for you demolition project.

If an inspector passes by a home and notices work taking place or a dumpster parked on you property they may check to see what type of home improvements you have been permitted to do.  If the proper permits are not in place you may get fined and no one wants to have to pay a fine when starting a home improvement project.

Schaefer Home Remodeling understands that in the current economic environment homeowners want to be careful where they are spending their hard earned money and will therefore advise clients on the best way to proceed with a renovation project.

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