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  • Exterior Signs Of A Poorly Insulated Home

Every homeowner wants to keep their energy bills as low as possible without compromising the comfort level within their home.  There are numerous factors that are considered when determining how energy efficient ones home is; insulation is one of the more important factors.  

Here are four signs that homeowners can easily look for to determine how well, or how poorly, their house is insulated.  

  • Icicles hanging from the eaves
  • Snow NOT sticking to the roof
  • Snow melting around the perimeter of the home
  • Ice formation in the gutters

If anyone of the following is noticeable it may be time to contact Schaefer Remodeling for a complete energy audit.  Schaefer Remodeling is a full service exterior contractor that specializes in remodeling energy efficient homes in NJ.  Contact Schaefer Home Remodeling online  or call, 732-955-7900, today for a free estimate.