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  • How Do I Know It Is Time To Replace The Windows?

It is important for homeowners to perform some basic maintenance and paint their windows, if needed, from time to time.  The condition of the window will provide hints as to whether or not it should be replaced.  Today’s energy efficient windows will not only be cost effective to replace when taking into account the lower energy bills but they provide some aesthetic and functional advantages when compared to old windows.

A few signs that it is time to replace the old windows in your home are:

Poor Performance

  • It becomes a difficult task to open and close the windows throughout your home
  • Air leaks in through the window or through the sides of the window
  • Condensation or fogging starts to occur on or between glass panes
  • The windows become painted or nailed shut and are impossible to open

Visible Signs of Wear

  • Chipping, deterioration or water stains on the window or the area around the window (inside or out)
  • Outdated design makes the home look dated
  • The windows are difficult to clean
  • Replacement parts are extremely rare or non manufactured anymore

Style & Lifestyle

  • Windows can deteriorate much faster on one side of the house than the other due to differences in sunlight and weather exposure
  • To keep the exterior appearance consistent, consider replacing all the windows on one side (or one level if it’s a two-story house) at the same time
  • New windows may help muffle the sounds like traffic, or noisy neighbors
  • If you’re replacing the siding on your home your windows should be replaced prior so that siding can be fit to the new windows.  This will make for a neater appearance and better overall energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

  • Replacing old single-pane windows with today’s energy-efficient double- or triple-pane glazing can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Replacing fixed units (windows that do not open) with operable venting windows and doors (those that do open) can improve the flow of fresh air throughout your home

It is a known fact that a well maintained home is worth much more than the same home that has been neglected.  Construction features, such as a updated kitchen, or new insulating glass replacement windows will almost always ass value.