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The color siding will drastically change the appearance of your home and is something that should be carefully considered. If it is time to replace the siding you may want to consider changing it up a bit, a new color is a great way to update the style of the house!

There are some many options available so where should you begin!  A good starting point would be to take some pictures of homes with siding colors that you like, or you can always view our online gallery if you do not have the time to drive around town.  Once you have an idea of the color our siding experts will help you select the proper shade based on availability depending on the type of siding that will be used.

Since everyone has different tastes color selection may cause disagreements between the family during the design phase and this is quite normal.  Each decision maker should select four siding colors that they like and then narrow the selections down.  If you are still unable to come to a final decision you can always get the opinions on outsiders, hire a designer, or discuss color selection in more depth with the professionals at Schaefer Remodeling. 

Schaefer Remodeling will be able to assist you throughout the entire remodeling process even when the time comes to select color.  Contact Schaefer Home Remodeling  today to get started.