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  • Siding Is A Great Way To Create An Energy Efficient Home

What exactly is an energy efficient home?  An energy efficient home reduces unnecessary energy consumption and demands for nonrenewable resources. They provide healthier living conditions and offer homeowners significant money savings over conventional homes. Many factors go into building a home like this and both new and existing homes can be improved with energy efficient strategies. 

New Jersey can have some really cold winters and also some very warm summers, this can lead to high energy bills year round.  There are some ways you can very easily attempt to keep energy bills low. For example turning off electronics and lights when they are not needed, programming thermostats, and selling all drafts in your windows and doors.  However, these DIY energy saving tips will only get you so far if the structure is not energy efficient.  

A great start to creating an energy efficient structure is to select a siding solution that will increase energy performance.  In addition to selecting the correct siding be sure the exterior of the home is insulated properly, this will increase the energy rating as well.  

Schaefer Home Remodeling specializes in implementing energy efficient solutions to New Jersey homes. For a free consultation call 732-955-7900 or  contact us online.