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  • Spring Renovations That Are Overlooked

Spring is here which means homeowners will be looking to make improvements to their home.  Many people will focus on things like the front lawn, patios, pools, and landscaping.  However, it is important to be maintain the parts of the home that may not provide the most enjoyment.  Here are a few examples of home improvements to consider this Spring.

  1. Inspect and Fix Your Roof: How did your roof fair this winter?  The Spring is a great time to take out the ladder or higher a professional to get up there and inspect the roof.  Are there any visible signs of damage?  Can you see any shingles missing?  Can you see any signs of water in your ceiling?
  2. Update and Repair Windows: Although your energy bills will be lower in the Spring don’t forget how much they were in the middle of January or during the last heat wave.  Energy efficient windows will not only help provide a more comfortable living space they will also help keep energy bills under control.
  3. Identify Drainage Problems and Repair Gutters:  Did you notice puddling around your home when the snow melted?  Or what about the ice hanging from your gutters.  It is important to understand how the drainage system and gutters handle the water on your home, whether it be rain or snow.

Schaefer Home Remodeling, an exterior contractor serving all of New Jersey, will be able to repair all damage that occurred during the rough Winter and also help beautify your home.   Contact Schaefer Home Remodeling online or call us today at (732)955-7900  for a free estimate.