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  • The 6 Most Popular Types of Windows

Is it time to update your windows? When it comes to looking into replacing the windows in your home it would be beneficial to understand some of the basic “window terminology” that you may hear from the replacement window contractors you consult with.

  • Picture Window – When it comes to window design, picture windows are the most basic and easiest to install. This window style creates a portrait-style space on the walls. If installed in the right home with the right layout, it should look like a piece of art hanging on your wall.
  • Casement Window – A casement window looks like a picture window, but it actually opens. Many casement windows open outward and therefore, have a handle or hand crank to slowly open the window.
  • Slider Window – Slider windows can be singles or doubles and slide open. They tend to be the easiest to open and provide ample air circulation.
  • Hung Window – Hung windows are one of the most popular types of windows.  These are the typical windows that slide vertically. They do not take up any interior or exterior space while open or closed so they are popular in smaller rooms.
  • Awning Window – Awning windows look exactly how they sound! Awning windows are attached at the top and open outward so no rain or snow leaks into the home. Awning windows can be opened using a crank or handle.
  • Bay & Bow Windows – Bay and bow windows are composed of 3 or 4 windows adjoined at equal angles. They are typically used in large spaces that can be viewed from the outside. This window style is popular for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

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